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Assalamu Alaikum. Hi! I am AMD! from #Bangladesh. From my name (AMD. Abdulah).
The authors present a tutorial site and I engaged in as Admin.Peace and love to everyone! Welcome to you visits the blog on Tutorial Gift. I love to blogging, freelancing, Web developing and designing. I like to learn and share technical hacking/security tips with you, I love my friends. Now I’m briefing some talks about this blog.

At first, Love and best wishes to all. Welcome to visit my blog site. I hope everyone is doing well. The name of this blog site is tutorial gift seeing as the title. This site launched on May 5 in this year. The tutorials, science and education will try to publish regular posts here. Then there will be additional education as news, entertainment, geography, history, photo gallery, games, movies, software, life story, authorship of students, travel stories.  
My professional skills are: Adobe After Effects · Blogging · Wordpress · CSS3 · Graphic Design · HTML 5 · Logo design · Video editing · Web design · Domain & Host Service

The new site will Still Hopefully all categories here, you'll Kindle, inspiration, joy. However, the next time will be the opportunity to join with you as the author of this site. And will have the opportunity to express their choice, or will be received in writing. I appreciate your support as a visitor. As a blogger, I'm not experienced enough. However, I'll try this. This is why we have launched this site in order to understand him and the flame. I hope one day to go to the blog sites far and will achieve popularity. 

Then there was a request to send your reviews about this site. So the blog your comments, suggestions, comments, advice should be accepted with humility and are requested to send it. This is a lot of talk. I do not want to increase the time. Finally, many thanks to everyone and stay well.
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