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Story of Marilyn Monroe at Hollywood Actress!!

June 1 was one of the most discussed and celebrated in the history of Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe's 90th birthday. Chelsea Harbour Design Centre in London, UK on the occasion of his birthday is a special exhibition. Some of the equipment being displayed and daily necessities Monroe.

Leather Bag

Monroe used to attract visitors to the exhibition in a leather bag. 1 thousand dollars is the price of the bag. The bag is made in keeping with the comb sets, compact powder case and a cigarette lighter.


 In 1947, Marilyn Monroe rebhalana brands used the lipstick. The pink color of lipstick called 'Bachelor karanesan. His glamorous life of its lipstick, shiny packets of stone. A collector bought at auction Monroe in a bag hidden in his coat pocket to get out.

 Gold clutch

David geinasaburga-Robert Monroe, a collector of a gold clutch (small bag), came up with this exhibition. The memorial will be sold at auction. Because, in his opinion, since 1988 his collection of memorabilia from the Monroe-gone beyond his capacity. Clutch bigger would be better if any of the archives are protected with special care. Clutch gold. The brown-colored precious stones mounted. Black velvet cloth of the inner part. There is a small tray of gold in order to maintain powder.

 Diamond watch

Swiss watch maker blyankapeina Monroe made the watch. This is called "Cocktail Watch. The field is set with 71 diamonds. Los Angeles auction house's collector juliyanas. But Monroe was once in the hands of the clock were coloring, so the auction price they want to start hamka 0 of 1 million US dollars.

 Black dress


Monroe movie some like It Hot wore this dress. It has been designed by her favorite designer cell Chapman. The dress was so tight placement of stones and sequins; Monroe was placed on the service arms of the piano.

Gucci's phonebook card-case comb set

Monroe was specially designed for Gucci's world famous brand is a card-case. A separate paper to note down the phone number inside. Then I had a cell phone, so there was no system to automatically save the number. Trust was a business card and phonebook. So all the big Hollywood stars of the sixties the phone book name, address, phone number and the phonebook set of Gucci's an interesting part of the exhibition.

Marilyn Monroe (June1 to1926- August 5,1965)

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