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Top of 6 Reasons Why People Still Love and Uses Windows XP?

Windows XP is slated to be exterminated for good by Microsoft in April of 2014. It is the last stage of a multi-year effort to kill off the operating system. Microsoft previously cut support for any system running SP2, driving a massive effort across corporations to ensure their systems were all up to SP3. As of April of 2014, even that will no longer be supported with patch updates by Microsoft.

We can’t find anybody in the world who doesn’t know Windows XP, off course we mean among the computer literal people. Windows XP is one of the most used operating system in the world. Windows XP developed by Microsoft Corporation and they are continuously revising their Windows versions. It first released on August 24, 2001. It was the most popular operating system in the world in 2006. Till now after Windows XP—Vista—Seven and finally Windows 8 beta is on the way. But even after 2 revisions in the operating systems by Microsoft Corporation i.e. Windows Vista and Windows Seven still people in the world stick with the best Windows XP. We mentioned here it as a best and will discuss later in the post how it is. But the point is that why people still love the old windows XP? Is their any specific reason behind that? We find many people who are well comfortable in operating the XP operation system. Even now a days the latest Laptops and notebooks comes with previously installed windows seven operation system, but some people requesting the seller to reformat and install windows XP operation system in the system. At very beginning we can’t understand why people still sticky with this version of the windows? But now we analyze the thing behind scene. You can see this topics about some research about it.

6 Reasons Why People Still Love Windows XP

1) Software Compatibility Issue with Higher Versions of Windows:

This is the most and top ranked issue why people still using Windows XP. Since XP released on August 24, 2001, from that time to till now few corers’ of software designer had already designed number of different software for Windows XP. They never think about other higher OS, so now most of these old software no more compatible with latest Windows OS like Windows Vista, Windows Seven. This is the major issue. All the manufacturing and other robot operated machines companies still using there computers with Windows XP, because all the software they need at the work are only compatible with XP.
Let’s take my example, I am an electronics engineering student and want to design my circuit in software named TinaPro. The software is old one and I am expert in this so I will always have tendency to use this software even there are many other latest software available in the market (Which may be compatible with higher version of Windows). But TinaPro only supports XP. So I need XP in my computer, definitely I!

2) Hardware Requirements of Newer Operating Systems

This is another big issue with higher operating systems, that they require better hardware support and more memory requirement. So those having olden PC and laptops can’t install any higher operating system like Windows 7 or Vista due to lagging in hardware support.
Another example is that the Hardware requirement of any graphics rich game doubles in OS like Windows 7 or Windows Vista that is NFS underground requires 256MB video memory, 1 GB ram and 2.2GHZ processor in XP then to run the same game in Windows 7 you will require at least 512MB video memory, 2GB ram and more faster processor. So in these way gamers also be sticky with Windows XP.

3) No Drivers Provided with Computers for Higher Versions of OS

Most of the computer manufactures till now doesn’t provide Vista or Windows 7 supported drives in the installation DVD so we need to download the latest supported drives so people usually postpone such a things and be sticky with Windows XP.

4) Don’t have Enough Knowledge to Use Newer OS:

Some people are old person who learn computer at very olden days and they don’t have updated their computer skill for newer operating systems like Windows 7. So such people will always try to stick with old operating system like Windows XP or even Windows 2000 which they can operate most easily. One more thing to be considered in this type is that some are having strategies that use old stuff, they like old things and never thing to change and be updated with the changing world.

5) Don’t Know About any other OS Available:

Some people are very newbie to the computer world. They rarely use computers and don’t have any special knowledge about it. They just bring PC from market or any computer dealer and stick with it. They even don’t know about any new operating system available in the market.

6) Cost of Newer Operating Systems:

For institutes and schools there are genuine copies of OS required. We’re not saying anything about home users because the piracy is very high in now a days. So this may be one reason to use lower cost Windows XP.


As noted in this Datamation article, there are effectively two sides to the "upgrade or not" discussion. First, one is the updating of current, existing software. The assumption being that the current state of things is "working" with the accepted possibility that "working" might include a security exposure that has been discovered and requires updating in order to close. The other scenario is a new deployment where there is nothing currently and we are starting from scratch.
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