Thursday, September 8, 2016

How to submit your website Facebook at Thousands of visitors will receive free every day!!

Greeting to everybody and go write to article. Facebook today is how to help the visitors and increase traffic to your site, as well as SEO. Although I had published an article about increase to visitors at few days ago.

Essentially the most popular social media site Facebook. If you many followers on Facebook and invite your site. So much marketing is done. Facebook authorities to browse several sites recently launched the site. Free internet service to the Facebook platform around the world. Browsing is free through many websites. But you know you can oyebasaitatio Listed here? If you already well know, be able to take some ideas from here and you do not know.
  • How to process it?

Which is to be the first, you must first click here. After submitting the form you will be in front of.

Click here to submit the following form will open.

Business down the name of your website. Please fill in the rest of the house fire. Please fill in the following as the second step.

1. Enter the name of your site's home form number. Category II room, the third room, banners, logos, and the fourth day of the house. Do not look here, brother done. Just start working. Go to the room below.

After the 1stroom-site review of the Facebook team has to write a request.. The 2ndroom will add to your website. There is no country will support, click language. And you can test whether your site will support mobile view. The 3rdroom, it will be the site name. A short description will be adding 4throom, and briefly in 5th room. And last submit.
  • Remarks:

The types of sites are more effective (in my opinion)

1. The site wills through made by Wapka, wordpress, selfhosted based.
2. The site will be content in English
3. But Blogger sites are not customized. Uses basic theme designed to Blogger sites. And must use to paid domain.
4. Be submitted at the end of the waiting. Your e-mail address will be confirmed within a few days. When you have no confirmed mail then submit try to again. To learn additional information, please view.
  • Conclusion

Hope that, you can do it yourself by following this tutorial. You can still comment if there is no problem, as far as possible we will try to solve. Another thing to write about the next day. So, Keep well. Good bye!!

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