Friday, August 19, 2016

Most expensive 10 domain names of the world's year at 2016 !!

In the present era of technology, trade has become a popular and profitable business. The hands of just a few years ago, two-wire to four domain reseller companies have more than one domain. But with the development of technology and the progress has been very popular with the business in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi companies entering the Internet business domain companies will receive hundreds of search required.

Many people have asked me several times; the absence of their foreign credit cards can buy from the company domain. In this case, the company would be better if the domain? Any answer to this question in the next article, we will discuss the details. Today I'll share with you where just Rs 10 for $ bhalamanera the top-level domain is available to purchase the domain name companies, many millions of dollars.
  • The company is at the top of the list of domain purchase. They offer a variety of insurance matters. This domain had purchase price of $ 010 in $ 35.6 million. This is the most expensive domain name.
  • The funds are then nemati domain. Business Company $ 35 million to $ 007 by purchasing this domain is the world's most expensive domain II.
  • $ 30.18 million in 01 companies in the business domain purchase price. This is an aircraft Travel Agencies.
  • The company $ 18 million to $ 009 purchase price of the domain. The company business is all about the Internet. They are different types of domain sales.
  • This domain purchase price of $ 015 in $ 17 million. This is a China company. Different types of web programming and software-related business institutions.
  • This domain purchase price of $ 009 to $ 16 million. This online servicing and technology-related companies.
  • This domain purchase price of US $ 008 million to $ 14.9. This is probably related to the telegraph companies. The domain is now obsolete.
  • This domain purchase price of $ 014 in $ 14 million. Sexual content and pornography in connection with various types of video are shared.
  • This domain purchase price of $ 001 in $ 11 million. It is also a kind of Travel Agencies. Moreover, through online hotel booking made on the basis of several of the country's most famous resident was shot dead in a hotel.
  • This domain purchase price of $ 007 to $ 9.5 million. It is also about the different types of sexual content and pornography video is shared.

 Note & Conclusion:

Adult web site at the address at the top of the list. Only two of the top 10 most expensive domain name in the list have been due to the shares. This is not intended to show any type of pornography. Note that wikipedia  references to verify information that has been saved.
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