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How to use or added a Subdomain for your Blogger blog? (Part-12)

Tutorial Gift blog, how are you all? I hope you are all well. Just a few days after you have set the broken arm along the keyboard to inquire. The main reason for writing this particular post is a request to one of the brothers.

Today I'll show you how your "" from "" This will bring. Although Google already provides you a tutorial on how you can add a domain to your blogger blog. This tutorial is for all those who are already using Custom Domains with Blogger. If you already have a blogger blog at some Custom domain like, then you might want to add a sub domains to this custom domain like, etc. An example of such a sub-domain is It is a blogger powered blog, which i created on the sub-domain. In order to create blogs at sub-domains, you need to create CNAME records for the same.

To create a sub-domain hosting you will need Godady or others cpanel hosting. However, the domain from which you are buying today, I do not see that in this tutorial, you must know the complete works of cpanel. So, your cpanel host will be taken. 
  •  How to create sub-domains for your blogger

At first, log in to your hosting panel > Select or go to "Domains" from the menu "Sub-domain" such as image in bellow.

Open the image below to enter your sub-domain name, and "Create" button click.

That Ok. Work done process a sub-domain. Now the sub-domain to connect to the host's.
  • CNAME Creation on Google Host  in part of subdomain 

Of course your blogspot site is hosted on a server, and the server must be at Google. But this is the server's IP address or you do not know. However, for today do not need these IP host name server need only blogspot. And Blogspot is the name server "" I just need to use the name server

1. Blogspot domain name server of your sub-C panels to add to your DNS zone to be edited. C panel for "Domains" from the menu "Advance DNS Zone Editor" Click.

2. Please select your domain from the drop-down menu (if more than one was associated with the domain)

3. Now you'll see the previous record from the zone and made something out of seikhana need to edit your new subdomain DNS zone. And just like the image below for all information to be added.

  • Note will also do the same.

4. Ok. Google added the DNS sub-domain. Now you have your blog on Blogspot your sub-domain to redirect. 
  •  How to redirect your blogspot

1. First, please log in to blogger dashboard, and please open the settings of your blog.

2.  The Publishing section, select the + Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog 

3. After "Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings "click.

4. The empty space in your sub-domain of entering the URL of your flower click on the Save button.


That's Ok. Have been done. Now cheeck or visit your sub-domain. Hopefully this tutorial will be useful for many. This tutorial can tell me in the comments if you know of any problems. As far as I can I will try to convince. 
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