Saturday, August 27, 2016

Add Facebook Page Like And Share Button to Every Blogspot Post

Adding a Facebook Share button to Blogger is a little different than some other sites because we want the button to automatically insert the URL of the page the visitor is currently on, or the post they want to share, without having to update this link manually. Facebook page like & Share button is a good way to increase your FB fan page likes. It allows to visitors either like your page or shares with their friends and family without leaving your blog.

Adding a Share button to your blog’s template will ensure that it stays in place at the bottom of every post, and with the code below, the link will be automatically inserted into the button.

How to install this Widget? (1st Step):

  • Login to your blogger account by providing username and password.
  • Select template, then edit HTML
  • Now find out </body> tag by pressing (Ctrl+F) and paste the below code just above it.

Download Code

2nd Step:

Paste the blow codes where you want to appear like & share button in your blog. If you want to appear like button below every post title, then follow the steps. Find out <data:post.body/> tags and paste the code just above it. 

 Download Code

If you interested to add this button in the post bottom, then paste below code just below <data:post.body/>  tags. Replace your FB page URL.
  • Note. <data:post.body/> code usually appears two to three times in a blogger template. Try the second code, if it doesn’t work, then try in other two.
Now save the template and view your blog’s any post to check the result, hopefully, it will be working. I hope this tutorial be helped that how to add Facebook like and share button in blogger blog. If you are facing any problem about this tutorial then place your comment in the below comment box.

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