Monday, June 13, 2016

Facebook is disabling messaging in its mobile web app

Social media giant Facebook is removing the messaging capability from its mobile web application to push people to Messenger, a media report has said.
According to the report in tech website,, the company served notice to the users saying, “Your conversations are moving to Messenger”.
For now, the users can skip the notice but soon the users might be asked to download the Messenger app.

The company said it wants to provide the best possible experience in messaging and the Messenger app is the platform on which they have chosen to provide it, the report said.
On Thursday, Facebook announced the development of a new artificial intelligence (AI) system called “DeepText” that can analyse what people are writing about in posts with near-human accuracy across 20 languages.
The company also revealed that the deep learning-based text understanding engine is being tested on Facebook Messenger.
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