Saturday, February 10, 2018

What penetrate the mystery of the Bermuda triangle?

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Bermuda triangle why the ship is lost? Why is the missing aircraft? And then tracing the ship or aircraft does not match anymore. Even those who do not can be found in the debris. Thousands of theory-searched, the last half-century of the puzzle that did not match any answers, scientists claim to have opened recently tangled.

According to recent research, Bermuda triangle beneath the sea, there are several large volcanoes. Poisons methane gas coming out profusely from its crater other possible types of hot gas.

The vast volcanic toxic gases such as methane and plenty of them coming out of the bottom of the sea, aquatic creatures are not possible to live well.

The methane gas from the bottom of the ocean came up on the water, creating bubbles. Leaven the water more proud. Four gases to be passed over in favor of the ship's crew has rarely been able to see anything anymore, not even Computer navigation system to break it. As a result, the way sailors have nothing to do except losing. For the same reason, lost collapsed plane flying over the Bermuda triangle. Recent months, researchers from the University of the Arctic coast of Norway, the Norwegian Sea, beneath the massive volcanoes have found by arenas. They report that the methane gas is circulated to the sea at least 150 feet. It is spread over an area of half a mile.

Why the area is called 'Bermuda triangle?

Scientist’s reports, in the past, ships, and aircraft that was lost in the sea area near the invisible line in one of the areas with no additives, it's a triangle or takes triangle appearance.

What are those places?

Puerto Rico, Miami, and Bermuda.
Scientists also said that just beneath the ocean's abundance of methane gas rising from the volcano, it is not so. Though there are plenty of solid methane ices beneath the sea. Lava streams volcanic heat, it's kind of hot out of gas also increased the amount of methane gas. That's the rub.
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