Monday, February 5, 2018

IT Desk News! You can log in without a password Google account.

Google has confirmed that Google account password to access the wireless testing as they are trying new methods. Yahoo entered into a new accounts system 'account, such as Google users via their smartphone notifications were trying to make reliable logins “truck launch” correspondent reports. Although Password less sensitive login. Yet the two are thinking about new ways to log on to Google. Using a USB stick or a token, where there is a secret code, which is written in the text will be sent to your phone. The security is being strengthened. However, in a variety of annoyance may be a new method for the user. But without a new password to log into the Google account quickly and as well as different methods of going to Google.

Google account to access the user's email address is now only enough to let. After login to the user's mobile phone can be a message. "We are trying to access your account from a different device. To log into the user return message 'Yes', the process would be completed by typing a friend. This process will be beneficial for those who use Google to another device when the phone is near. There is long and complex password; type the password disturbance can be reduced. This system will act as a defense against fishing and password tool that will protect you from an alert.

Google this process is still experimental. If the phone is lost if Google has suggested that the device has been lost to logging in from a different device to delete. However, this method may change at any time, Google. Google did not say anything yet explained about the new login process. However, the new wireless password to sign in the process of working on iOS and Android.
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