Monday, May 23, 2016

How to submit your Sitemap to Google's webmaster for blogger site? (Part -06)

To succeed you must blogging career Organic traffic / visitor needs. Organic traffic that comes to your site through various search engines. A search engine like Google. Those who are new to blogging, you need to have a good idea about the Google webmaster. Google is a great tool that Google's webmaster. Google to submit it to various sites or blogs is very important. Google Sitemaps is very easy to submit your site, then you just need to sign up with Google Sitemaps to add. SEO depends on your blog, submit your Sitemap to Google. Well if you submit your Sitemap, Google will index your site quickly.

 Google to submit your Sitemap:

Click on the Google Webmaster Tools and then log on with your blog's Email and Password and you will see your blog's home page. Click Manage Site from the right side and then click Add or Remove Users. See the figure below. 

From there, it will open the page, click Manage Site Owners will then open a new page and from there click on the Verify Using Different Method. See the figure below.

Verify Using Different Method will open a page, and then click click the HTML TAG. See the figure below.

A look at the top of the page Mata tag - meta tags, you will see that it's a copy. See the figure below.

Another open another tab in the browser of your blog, you know at the dash board. Then click on the Edit HTML code below to find and to survive.


<head> tag, and enter the following code by Google verification code.

Template in the Save and Quit and from Google Webmaster Tools meta tag copied by clicking on the button below VERIFY it.

When the top job exactly the way it would Congratulations Message VERIFY After you click Continue. See the figure below.

 From the Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard Site map - click on the image below to see the site map.

 From the right side of the Add / Test Sitemap Copy the code below and click on the empty room Add / Test Sitemap paste the house. See the figure below.

  • /feeds/posts/default?orderby=UPDATED

The same way as the top Add / Test Sitemap putting line by clicking the button below.
  • sitemap.xml

 Now click Submit Sitemap. If you would like below, click on the Refresh the page.

That's it! This submit to your blog's sitemap to Google. See the figure below.


Another thing that you have opened the e-mail account with the blog, Google webmaster tools, if you use the e-mail, then you do not need to bheriphikyasana. Verify it will become automatic.
Congrats! Thus, you can easily submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools. We hope you like our articles. If you feel like writing, do not forget to share. Moreover, subscribe today to our site to get information on a regular basis.

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