Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Remove or Hide Blogger Navbar From Your Blogspot! (Part-10)

Dear Visitors, How well? Today I will  show a blogger Tips How to Remove or Hide Blogger Navbar From Your Blog!
If you are using blogger default templates, you would probably notice a navigation bar (navbar) at the top of your blog. The blogger navigation bar is hidden in most of the custom templates. But, if you want to hide/remove it in the default templates, you have to do it manually.
You can do it in two ways method.

  • 1st Method (Using Css Code)

 ==> Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Template
 ==> Now in the editor press ctrl + F and find for this line ]]></b:skin
#navbar-iframe,#navbar { display: none !important; }]]></b:skin>
 ==> Now replace the code below
 ==> Now Save your Template. That’s it. Enjoy this work.

  • 2nd Method (From Layout Widgets)

Blogger now also offers to hide the navbar right from their navbar widget in the layout section of Blogger blog’s admin panel. Go to your Dashboard > Layout, and navigate to Navbar widget and click on Edit.

Now, a pop-up will appear with the colors schemes for your navbar, and there is an option to Off the navbar. Choose the Off option and click on Save button to remove the navbar widget from your Blogger.


We are happy to help if there's any doubt left in your mind or if you've any problem removing the navigation bar, ask via comments.  
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