Thursday, May 19, 2016

How to install template to the new Blogger interface? (Part-02)

I showed few days ago at the tips, how to create a blog, Blogger using the new interface. However, not everything is just to create a blog. Blog more attractive to many types of customization required. An essential part of an appropriate template is selected.

Blogger's default template is also provided for users of different kinds, both dynamic and static. Also, anyone can upload a template to make its own choices. Tips today, how to upload a new template, delete the default template, the topic will be discussed. 

Why the new Blogger interface?  

It is important to remember that if you use Blogger platform, Blogger has been promoted to a new interface and the old interface will be disabled shortly. As a result, if someone is still using the old interface, if it must be upgraded to the new interface. Many of these can be found by searching for tips, but mostly written on the thumb impression of the old interface. As a result, if someone is using the new interface, then the problem may be to understand those tips. Accordingly, in order to upload the template system I've described, Blogger's new interface.

Install custom template

Many sites can be found if you search for different types of templates are provided, according to the user's needs. Some of these can be found for free, and some will have to be purchased. Now, it depends on the user, who wants what kind of template. Tips no one on this topic will be discussed later.
When you need to download the template by clicking on the link. In most cases, the template can be found zip. It does not matter, just have to unzip the file and template XML files can be found. 

Now, the existing template page must be signed in to Blogger account, click the template section, as shown in the picture. The upper-right corner of the page template, Backup / Restore button will be available. Clicking the button will be available in two types of options.

Download Full Template

It is very important to keep a copy of the old template, the new template prior to upload. So, first thing, Download full template by clicking on the Save a copy of the old template.

Upload a Template

Now is the time to upload a new template. Just Choose File (some browsers Browse) button to show the XML file to be downloaded template. Then, Upload and click. 

If everything is correct, then that will be a confirmation message template has been uploaded successfully. Now, View Blog can be seen by clicking a new template designs.  
  • Important note

Any new templates sometimes do not work properly with the existing setup and HTML can be place in a variety of gadgets. The reason is, when a new template is uploaded, the old template tool sometimes can be lost, or may be hidden from layout. I do not know why, but sometimes it is, and can be introduced, the gadget. To avoid this problem, it is important prior to uploading the new template, delete the old, the gadget, but before that, the gadget will have to back up the local drive of your computer.


These tips come in handy if you have any, then of course others will share. If you have any comments or want to suggest something, you can safely comment below. Tips for taking the time to read and thank you for your valuable advice.
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