Friday, May 20, 2016

How to add custom favicon in Blogger? (Part-04)

Blogger is very easy to add custom favicon. As you may have seen already by default favicon that Blogger is. But the problem is all hosted on Blogger, shows the same favicon. Now, if your blog is for the future of the browser bookmarks and browser bookmarks you already have a lot of your site to find out if there will be a big difference. 

If you use a custom favicon on your blog and your blog will feel professional future reference if anyone keeps your bookmarks to your blog, then he will not be too hard. 

Default Favicon look a nice way to add the 'e' is marked with a Favicon. Many people do not like it. So if your blog is not a custom favicon to add a favicon to your first job. So today this post will show you how to add custom favicon on your blog. You can download from the Internet or if you use Photoshop custom favicon to act as if his mind can create a nice favicon. Favicon is 16x16 pixels.

 How to Process:

Adfirst log in your blogger dash board > Now go to your Blogger dashboard layout. Click Edit from the left side of the favicon. 


Upload your Favicon then refresh the page to save the day. Now is your favicon shows. There are quite a few sites, however, create a favicon. There you liking your pictures / images that would have made it. You can try this site
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