Friday, May 20, 2016

How can publish your first post in a new blog? Blogger's new interface!! (Part-03)

As-salamu Alaikum, dear brothers and sisters bloggers how are you? God bless you all.
Today, I will share with you is the fact that, with tips on how to use Blogger's new interface. In the meantime, I've discussed in my previous tips will use the new interface.
Accordingly, today's tips Blogger's new interface. Here, I will discuss only how to publish a blog tips, but tips on how to write SEO compatibility, the other tips will discuss the details later. If you're going to have to learn how to be a quick discussion below, it is to publish a blog tips.

 First, please sign in to your Blogger account. Then, from the list of blogs to choose a specific blog, where you want to publish new tips.

Now, the New Post button on the left (see picture), click. A new page will appear and there is a text box area, where you can write a blog tips. So, do not delay instant Write your tips, the advantage of using the rich text editor (I am assuming that we are more or less all know to use the rich text editor.
So, this is tipase I did not mention it. If somebody has a problem, you can contact me via the contact form, or it can let the comments below).

At the top, you will receive a text box, to give the title of the tips. What is the content of your tips, presented the title. As a result, make sure that you have an interesting title, so readers are encouraged to read Tips.

Right along the page, you will find tips on some settings, options, and these are:
  •  1) Labels:

Here, you can write your tips labels. The method of labeling your tipasake classified. Thus, consistent with the tips of content labels, and each label in comma-separated. Find a list of labels you've used previous tips groups. Tips if it is your first then the next tips groups’current list of tip to get the label. If the label lists any of these tips are compatible with the current, then the labels can be used.

  • 2) Published On:

Here, you can specify a schedule for your blog tips. By default, Automatic is set, the date is determined Blog Tips. However, anyone who wants to publish a specified day, Tips, and then set the date and time that particular day, he will be able to customize Tips. Tips that particular day it will be published automatically.

  • 3) Permalink:

Paramalink tipase a URL link to a blog. SEO Blogger's new features it added. Blogger automatically blog tips are made from the title parama link. However, none of his desire to be able to customize the parama link. To do this, select Custom parama link. You will have to change "customURL" of the place. The new URL is to be noted that the content is consistent with the tips.

  • 4) Location:

If you want to specify the location of your blog tips, you can use this option. To do so, type the search box and click Search. Finally, done button when you click on the tips of your location will be set.
  •  5)  Option:

Here, you can set Reader comments, Compose mode and Line breaks, as you want.

Finally tips to make sure that everything is properly set before publishing it. If you want to see your Blog Tips blog will look like when published, can be seen by clicking on the Preview button. Now, if you are sure that everything is OK, then clicks Publish tips at the top editor of the blog, publish your tips.
Tips are published in full, then you will be brought back Tips page, where all the tips and a list of the draft is saved.

Congratulations! You have successfully been able to publish your tips blog, blogger, using the new interface.


Now, place your mouse over one of the tips touch Edit, Delete, Share, and View options can be seen. Tips on how your blog looks, click View to view it. If you have any tips you'd like to modify, then click on edit. You will get the Update button instead of the Publish button. Tips to correct the Update button to click. In addition, any tips if you want to delete, then click Delete. Any tips you want to share, then click Share. 


These tips come in handy if you have any, then of course others will share. If you have any comments or want to suggest something, you can safely comment below. Tips for taking the time to read and thank you for your valuable advice.
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