Monday, May 23, 2016

(Google) Google to index your blog posts in 2 minutes!! (Part-07)

We all know how important SEO for a blog or website. SEO your blog or website where if you do not like one of your blogging life in vain. Because SEO must be done to get the visitor. But most new bloggers, but some of my friends have done the same, but where to go new. One of its search engine index to be posted. If you post exactly the way search engines do not index the best SEO without having to make any profit if you do not have. So, today I'll show you how the popular search engine Google (Google) Index or to submit your blog post on just two minutes. It may seem strange to hear, and it's possible that you will feel at some time. For this to work before you can come and see the following post.

Click here to go to the Google Webmasters Tools. Then you must login to your account to submit your site before you submit your site if you do not have to click on Add a Site. However, it's not kareleo use Blogger to Google, it auto-submit the details become. See the following steps

  • 1. Manage site on the right side of the tab, and then click Add or remove users. See figure below

  •  2. Now that comes from the left side of the page by clicking the Fetch as Google Crawl tab, click the button. See figure below

  • 3.  The empty box and enter the URL of your post just after the name of the URL, such as your post links to your blog or website → /2013/09/google-sitemap.html If you just sit there → 2013/09 / google-sitemap.html then select Desktop and click Fetch. See figure below

  • 4. See the link below for the index to be ready from the ekhuna click Submit to Index. See figure below

  • 5. Submit to Index Click on a popup box from the Crawl only this URL, click on click on Go. See figure below.

That's it! Now wait for the end of the monitor and the post title in the Google search and see. Insaallah you understand the work and the post has been successful, and then you do not have to wait for 4 hours on Google. Not limited to those who still believe, see photo below.


This post actually be useful to share with friends and a chance to see some of them will. Stay with us all the time for this kind of post. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.
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