Saturday, May 21, 2016

Blogspot blog, some of the required settings (Only New Users) Part-05

Every day has been a lot of new bloggers blogspot. Blogs are made to their hobbies. Anyone aiming to learn how to create some popularity. No matter how open it! 

Today, everyone picked up some important settings. I think this blog is not the setting. I need to say it to you now that I will share these settings may be unwanted. So let's have a look at the list before going to work. If you think you need them to have a look at the list, you saw the whole post. What else will gain unnecessary waste of time??

1. Blog: The English/ Bangla Language (Your mother language can be!)

Bangla blogging if you need to Bengali language blog. Because through it. You can convert your blog full Bengal. Moreover, the blog dates, numbers, all comments will be English. Bengali language, go to the Dashboard blog, then Settings> Language and formatting> Language

2. An alternative method to change the time format

Once you change the language to log all of your blog has been all Bengali. Time to changes the format. A blog is opened, the time when the new format is provided below: 9:45 AM - Now, if you wish, you can change the format. There are several formats. First, go to the Dashboard, then Settings> Language and formatting> Formatting> Timestamp Format

 3. Quick Edit icon removal Supply:

Each blog post you will see a lot of yellow in color, showing a pencil. This is what is called Quick Edit Icon. I think it's unnecessary. Until today, it is because there is no telling. Did not see anyone else just work. So if it seems unnecessary to you and remove it. Go to Layout to remove from the dashboard. And the "blog posts / Blog Posts" widget Open. The "Show Quick Editing" Please uncheck it. 

4. Location set to Added

Your location to location. If you're blogging from the set. It is easy to submit your blog to Google.
Go to Layout from the dashboard. And the "blog posts / Blog Posts" widget Open. The "Location: Bangladesh" writes the save.

5. Author Profile Display

 Good to know, that this option is the only thing that will work on the template, the template will be on the Author box. Author box in your Google Plus profile picture and description will be given, they would look at the Author Box. Author Box to add to your template, see: Blogger Author Bio box with Social icons

6. Comment Moderation turned Supply

A new / old blog, a lot of importance on Comment Moderation. Your blog can stand loss due to spammers. So there's no need to risk it. Comment Moderation always will. Will mark the comment as spam with spam. Let's see now how do you turn on Comment Moderation. First, go to the Dashboard, then Settings> Posts and Comments> Comment Moderation


7. An alternative method to set the home page you want to show how many posts

It's a part of the blog. A good idea to post the first few pages. Now, if you post 30 through 20 of the home page then the visitor to be confused.There is one thing to load pages. The home page will post better than you. Here on 8-10 pm is best to leave his post. So let's take a look at how it should post a certain amount of home page of the dashboard Let Go, Then Settings> Posts and Comments> Show at most. 


 Here today. Do not forget to comment if anyone had any problems. thanks to everyone...

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