Monday, May 23, 2016

Bing search engines can easily submit your Blogger blog or Website!! (Part-08)

Today, I dyakhaba you how to submit your blog to the search engine, Bing. Do not work so hard at. Get tips below, I rose a little, and work.

  •  Step this method

1. First, click here. As shown below will appear in the URL of your blog just to sit in the box and click on SUBMIT thick. See the figure below.

2. If you like to work at the top of the Your request was successfully submitted. Will write, meaning the first option GREAT! Click SIGN ME UP. See the figure below.

3. Sign in to the pages that will appear at this time to be, if you have an account that Microsoft's hotmail, outlook, if the daye sign in, and if you do not have an account, please Sign up.

4. Sign in at the end of the episode, like the image below, there will be more places to put ADD a sitemap
  • Note: change the name of your blog.

5. Now click on Add. See the figure below.

 6. Now that the page is coming Verify ownership for: your site. The pages of the two options from the <meta> tag to your blog copy log on to the dashboard by clicking on Edit HTML from Template, then press Ctrl + f <head> t find a copy of the <meta> tag in the <head> of the Be sure to click Save in the Save template set. See the figure below.


Verify at the bottom of the page and click submit all the time on this page you will see your blog's dashboard, see if it has been successful, and if you do not see bujabena then bujabena also made a mistake. I hope it will be successful in this manner
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