Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Artificial sperm Made in China!

What is really needed for the birth of the man who is going to run out? Speed indicates the direction of science. A group of Chinese researchers have already built laboratories rat sperm. Not only that, these have been born as a result of artificial fertilization by a sperm or egg-fed baby rats.

Full reviews of this research have been published in the journal Cell Stem Cell. Scientists hope that, in this process a few hundred miles ahead of the research will be successful in reducing the bandhatbya. 'If the people in this process is proven to be effective in securing the same, the very fast artificial insemination and in-vitro phartilaijesanera able to provide sperm for artificial.' Reports, the main researcher of the study jiyahao peace. Biologists several years before trying to create artificial sperm in the laboratory.

Researchers at the University of Kyoto in Japan in 011 primary step in developing artificial sperm accidentally. Praimoradiyal the laboratory germ cells (the cells are made from the reproductive cells.) In adult male rats, they were successful implant. Body is made from the rat sperm. Chinese researchers claim they've gone one step further in the same process. They have created a germ cell praimoradiyal lyaboratarira disei sarmatida (sperm initial phase). Sarmatidera but with this difference becomes smarmera, they are able Showering.

Although the results of these studies are still not clear to many researchers. What made just 14 days praimoradiyal germ cells sarmatid the question about what is. They all, however, this initiative has been welcomed.
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