Friday, February 9, 2018

23 years is no longer a case of rape! Indian news reviews

Police had no light, no water. There are prisons, not prisoners. There are hardly any cases. 23 years only 55 cases have been filed. There is a case of rape. Name of  Jayasalamir border village in Rajasthan to meet bulaje Shahgarh matching the police. India-Pakistan border is only 15 km away from the police station. There is no village police station. Only 900 people live in the area around the police station.

It was established in 1993. Since then 23 years, only 55 cases have been filed. Not in a rape case. Superintendent of Police Rajiv trafficking, said the cases were reported to the police in the last 10 years has been reviewed, 005 did not have a case. 006 is a case. Two in 007, 008 is a case. No cases were 009 and 010. 011 A, four in 01, 013, and 014 and 015 in two of the three cases. In many cases, and 016 did not. 15 police station to be. However, there are a total of six assistant Sub-inspector.

There are separate prisons for men and women to the police station. However, there is no prisoner. There is a zip car. However, it remains acclaim. Shah bulaja remote villages. The transport and communications are very bad.
Rajiv trafficking, said before the India-Pakistan border fence is the lack of drugs and arms trafficking happened. But now it has decreased. So here less crime. Needless to say, when it was transferred to the police station after the police were lightning. Usually, a member of the police station was transferred as punishment for the misconduct. 1 km away from the police station, electricity connection has been initiated. Soon there will be power-connection, said Superintendent of Police.
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